Who is Iperion? (IPR)

Iperion Limited is listed on the NZX Main Board (NZX ticker: IPR).

Iperion Limited (formally Southern Charter Financial Group Limited until 28 November 2023) is in the process of commercializing a novel antimicrobial coating product, being marketed under the name Pathoglaze™.

Early in 2023 Iperion entered into a license agreement granting the company an exclusive, worldwide, sub-licensable licence to manufacture, use, sell, distribute, import and export a self-cleaning, transparent, antimicrobial, surface coating product. A pilot manufacturing facility has since been established in Malaysia. The manufacturing facility and production is fully outsourced. The company is now actively marketing Pathoglaze™.

Prior to 2023 the company did not have an operating business, but was searching for and investigating opportunities for acquiring a new business. This followed the completion of transactions on 31 August 2017 that injected cash, introduced a new controlling shareholder and spun-out all previous assets, liabilities and business operations.